Alaró is situated on the southern slopes of the Sierra de Tramuntana Mountain range, approximately 30km north west of the capital Palma, and the Son Sant Joan International Airport.

A visit to the Castell d'Alaro, located on the top of the mountain of the same name, is a must for anyone visiting the area, as it offers panoramic views over the island from both the Palma and Alcudia bays to a section of the magnificent Tramuntana mountain range. Having a camera is a must.

Close to the Orient Valley, Sóller, Port Sóller, Bunyola, plus the climbs of the Coll d'OrientColl d'Honor and Coll de Soller, Alaró may be the hidden gem you are looking for.

Little has really changed in Alaró in the last 50 years, if you are in search of scenic solitude and authentic island life whilst you focus on your cycling in Mallorca you will love it.