Comparing Mallorca's best climbs

NameLengthAv. gradStartFinishGained
Col dels Reis from Sa Calobra 9.5 km 7% 3m 682m 679m
Col dels Reis from the aqueduct 2.5 km 6% 573m 682m 109m
Coll d'Honour from Bunyola 5.4 km 5.9% 200m 550m 350m
Coll d'Honour from Orient 2.9 km 5.5% 410m 550m 140m
Coll d'Orient from Alaró 5.2 km 5.1% 240m 498m 258m
Coll de Femenia 7.6 km 6% 110m 515m 405m
Coll de Sa Batalla 7.9 km 5.9% 166m 584m 418m
Coll de Sa Creueta from Formentor 3.4 km 5.1% 7m 230m 223m
Coll de Sa Creueta from Port Pollenca 3.7 km 5% 7m 230m 223m
Coll de Soller from Soller 7.4 km 6% 70m 497m 490m
Coll de Soller from the South 5 km 5% 240m 497m 257m
La Victoria 1.4 km 9% 3m 135m 133m
Port Valldemossa 5 km 7% 2m 355m 353m
Puig Major from Lluc 5 km 5.2% 615m 848m 233m
Puig Major from Sóller 14 km 6.2% 20m 848m 828m
Talaia d'Albercutx from Formentor 5.8 km 6% 7m 347m 340m
Talaia d'Albertux from Port Pollenca 5.9 km 6% 5m 347m 342m