Talaia d'Albercutx from Formentor

Talaia d'Albercutx from Formentor

A very scenic climb starting at Formentor beach then turning left at the summit of Coll de Sa Creueta then continuing up a number of hairpin bends where the views cover the bay of Pollenca and stretch to Cap Formentor and on a clear day to Menorca and the Spanish mainland.

If you can get up early enough to see the sun rise out of the sea from the summit, it will be a memory difficult to shake.

The Climb

Beginning at almost sea level near the Formentor beach car park, the section up to the Coll de Sa Creueta has an amazing surface, but once you make the left turn at the summit at the car park, the surface becomes quite ordinary.

The views and the height you gain so quickly make up for the poor yet rideable road surface.

When it is full moon, as the sun goes behind the Tramuntana mountains to the West, the moon comes "out" of the water at the same time to the East. This is the best place to watch it from, with or without your violin.

The Descent

 As the surface is still average even after the potholes were filled in during the autumn, it is worth taking care, especially if you are on a rented bike. Once you reach the car park at Coll de Sa Creueta then the surface becomes brilliant again and you will be able to show off your descending skills and impress yourself.

To be aware of

The road surface on the second half of the climb. The occasional stray goat or hiker in the road. Tour buses during peak season. During the spring there are loads of lycra clad cyclists enjoying the same experience as you, only going slightly slower or slightly faster. Some looking worse in lycra than you, and some looking better.

Length: 5.8km

Av. gradient: 6%

Start height: 7m

Finish height: 347m

Metres gained: 340m