Cycling in Mallorca Puig Major from Lluc

Puig Major from Lluc

This is the easier side to climb up the highest mountain in Mallorca as you have done most of your climbing to get here. The other direction being from Soller. The Monnaber tunnel marks the end of the climb from both directions.

There is actually a road going even higher almost to the top of Puig Major at 1445m, but because this leads to a radar and a military base, this road is only accessible only after obtaining a special permit, so most cyclists do not bother and are satisfied with the summit being at 848m at the Monnaber tunnel.

The Climb

The main reason this is the easier direction to the top is that you have already climbed to around 700m by the time you begin the final ascent which tops out at 848m - either by coming via Coll de Sa Batalla or the Coll de Femenia.

The Descent

Around 14km if you go down to Soller which is almost at sea level at an average gradient of 6% with great scenery and a good road surface. Very enjoyable and easy to get to over 70 km/hr.

If you are going back down towards LLuc the descent is a brilliant undulating mostly downhill ride to either Pollenca or Caimari.

Things to look out for

Very scenic varied terrain, including passing the Gorg Blau and Cúber reservoirs on the way up from the aqueduct, plus it is not uncommon to see ospreys and falcons riding the thermals. The tunnel before the reservoirs and the one at the summit are normally light enough, but as always take a little more care.

Length: 5km

Av. gradient: 5.2%

Start height: 615m

Finish height: 848m

Metres gained: 233m