La Victoria

La Victoria

Not in the Serra de Tramuntana, but qualifies to be on this website as the scenery is excellent as the views towards Cap Formentor and Talaia d'Albercutx are spectacular.

A short sharp and very scenic climb on a narrow road with amazing views.

The Ascent

Starting at the bridge opposite the S'illot beach where costumes are optional, the gradient averages around 9% but reaches 13% in places.

The Descent

Winds down with the optional detour towards the army base halfway down.

To be aware of

The road is narrow. There are often goats. There are often tourists in rental cars looking at the stunning views, not at you. Occasionally sand on the surface. Slow is better.

climb it on this short route or climb it on this longer route

Length: 1.4km

Av. gradient: 9%

Start height: 3m

Finish height: 135m

Metres gained: 132m