Coll de Soller from the South

Coll de Soller from the South

This is the easier and quieter climb up to the summit of Coll de Sóller, but also the side more exposed to the sun. It is not uncommon for there to be more bicycles than cars.

This is a category 3 climb, with a total length of 5km and an average gradient of 5%. Starting at a height of 240m and topping out at 497m. Height gained is 257m.

The Climb

Is a relatively steady climb, with excellent views ans more hairpins than you can count (than I can count anyhow - lost count when I ran out of fingers and toes to use).

The Descent

Take care with the corners, they are easy to get caught out on especially with hot brakes towards the bottom where the camber of the bend may be slightly less than you need. if descending towards Sóller, this is the shadier and cooler side especially in the winter so the surface may be a little twitchy at certain times.

What to look out for

The heat is a concern depending on the month you go as the climb is sheltered from the breeze in places. A special mention should be made of the café Ca'n Topa at the top which has been there since 1880. Food and service is good, the couple running it speak a few languages and are knowledgeable about the climb and the area.

Length: 5km

Av. gradient: 5%

Start height: 240m

Finish height: 497m

Metres gained: 257m