Coll de Sa Creueta from Formentor

Coll de Sa Creueta can be reached from two directions,  Port de Pollença and Formentor, both category 3 climbs of almost equal length and gradient. Both approaches meet at the car park at Mirador d’Es Colomer viewing point, with the optional additional climb up to Talai d'Albercutx if required. Often climbed on the way back from Cap Formentor.

Starting at the Formentor beach car park, the climb is steady and is usually undertaken after going out to the lighthouse on the route out to Cap Formentor and/ If you wish to lengthen the climb, the views from Talai d'Albercutx are worth the extra effort.

This is a hugely popular route with cyclists choosing to stay in the North. With an amazing surface, great views and a consistent gradient. A joy!

The Climb

A category 3 climb, 3.4km long and finishing at the Mirador d’Es Colomer viewing point. Averaging 5% with a maximum gradient of 7.9% for a short stretch with a level section just after half way to get your breath back. There are some stunning views through the pine trees as you ride along the sea cliff edge.

The Descent

The surface is fantastic all the way back down to Formentor beach or over and down to Port de Pollença. Sweeping corners but with tour buses in the holiday season to be aware of.

What to look out for

There is the occasional wild goat grazing on the verges and wandering in road. Tour buses inching their way around the two blind corners during the summer. Occasionally windy. The views are fantastic. On a clear day you can see mainland Spain from the summit. Camera. Camera. Camera.

Length: 3.4km

Av. gradient: 5.1%

Start height: 7m

Finish height: 230m

Metres gained: 223m