Coll de Sa Batalla

Coll de Sa Batalla

Very scenic climb that starts in the town of Caimari.The average grade is 5.2 %, the length 7.9 km with a starting height of 166 m and a height at the top of 584 m. All in all an elevation gain of 418 m with a maximum gradient of 12 %. If you had to ride the same climb every day of your stay, this may be the one you would choose.

The Descent

Excellent surface, sweeping descents.

The Climb

Lots of overhanging trees on this beautiful climb that never gets too steep and has a level section in the center to allow even the fittest amongst us to enjoy the scenery a little more.

At the stop is a nice restaurant with excellent cake and coffee plus more substantial fare if you need a meal stop.

What to look out for

Scenery. Scenery. Scenery. Excellent surface.  Take care with the size of your smile, small bugs have been known to be attracted to shiny surfaces other than car windscreens. Take a little extra care on a few of the hairpins (especially during holiday season when the tourists buses are inching around the corners).

Length: 7.9km

Av. gradient: 5.9%

Start height: 166m

Finish height: 584m

Metres gained: 418m