Coll de Femenia

Coll de Femenia

Main entry point into the eastern Tramuntana. Another scenic climb, this one starts approximately 10km down a partly shady road out of old town Pollença.

The Descent

Sweeping, swooping corners allow you to maintain a good speed down this exhilarating descent. If you do manage to look around, Pollença, Port de Pollença, Alcudia and Port Alcudia are all visible at times as are dotted fincas way down in the valley. The appearance of the occasional stray goat has been known to cause additional adrenaline rushes.

The Climb

Category 2 climb, 7.6 km long with an average gradient of 6%. Start height is 110m (gradual uphill all the way from Port de Pollença, about 20km to gain the 110m). Maximum height is 515m, so the total elevation gained is 405m.

What to look out for

Beautiful views. Amazing newly resurfaced tarmac. Stray goats. Depending on your fitness level and your destination, you may want to take this climb a little easy, as there may be challenges ahead (Puig Major, Sa Calobra etc).

Length: 7.6km

Av. gradient: 6%

Start height: 110m

Finish height: 515m

Metres gained: 405m