Cycling in mallorca Coll d'Honor

Coll d'Honor from Orient

This is the easier way to climb the Coll d'Honor and is on the way out of the Orient Vally, down into Bunyola. As you are already at around 400m high, the ascent to the summit at 550m is not much further but involves some enjoyable hairpins and views back over the Orient valley.

The Ascent

Now has an amazing new surface (March 2015) turning around a few nice hairpins with varying gradients of between 3.5 and 7.9%. You come across the summit quickly as there has been only around 3 km of climbing with a height gain of around 140m.

The Descent

 The surface is now great. Immediately on leaving the summit, the road launches into a number of great hairpins and continues through the forest down into Bunyola alongside a small river for much of the way.

To be aware of

Nice and shady descent, but during the colder months the road surface tends to stay wet and a little slippery in places. Nothing to be concerned about when climbing, but something to be aware of when descending.

Length: 2.9km

Av. gradient: 5.5%

Start height: 410m

Finish height: 550m

Metres gained: 140m