Coll d'Honor from Bunyola

Coll d'Honor from Bunyola

Is a category 2 climb of 5.4km with an average gradient of 5.9%, and is the more difficult way to enter the Orient valley. The height at the start of the climb is 200m and 550m at the finish, so a net gain of 350m elevation. There is a cheeky rise in gradient a few hundred metres from the summit.

The Climb

On leaving Bunyola, this scenic climb winds alongside a small river and through a forest before settling into an average gradient of 5.9%  but one that hovers around 5% or slightly less for much of the way, then throwing in the occasional 10% stretch to try and (of course unsuccessfully) knock you off your stride, especially at the last hairpins just before the end when you are nicely warmed up.

The surface is now excellent, resurfaced in march 2015.

The Descent

Their are some nice hairpins and a view which suddenly opens out from the forest to show part of the Orient Valley.

What to look out for

AverageBrilliant surface now. Occasional 10% gradient, especially just before the summit. Cars can appear from nowhere when descending as the view ahead is very limited with the gradient changes/ trees/ short straights. One to not drop asleep on !

Length: 5.4km

Av. gradient: 5.9%

Start height: 200m

Finish height: 550m

Metres gained: 350m