Best climbs in Mallorca Col dels Reis

Col dels Reis from Sa Calobra

Coll dels Reis is one of the most climbed hills in Mallorca. There are two ways to approach it. The first is from sea level at Sa Calobra, a category 1 climb. The second is from the Ma-10, turning left just before the viaduct if you are coming down from Puig Major or right just after the viaduct if you are coming from Lluc and is a cat 4 climb.

This page is for the category 1 climb up from sea level to reach the 682m peak over 9.5km at an average gradient of 7%. For the category 4 climb please see the Col dels Reis from the aqueduct page.

If you come to Mallorca and do not do this climb, chances are that you will regret it.

The Ascent

An iconic climb which is on many people's bucket list and is arguably the most climbed on the island. The road winds up from the small port on 10km of tar which seems to have just been thrown onto the side of the mountain.

Numerous hairpin bends (one that goes back on itself at 270 degrees!) and short straights keep the gradients changing which make it difficult to get into a steady rhythm.

The Descent

Going back down to the viaduct, a short sharp blast down to the café awaits you, with either a right turn towards the easier side of Puig Major or an undulating ride back towards the Coll de Femenia or the Coll de Sa Batalla.

What to look out for

Coaches and rental cars during the summer season. Hot brakes on the downhills. Wind and heat on the uphills.

Any time outside the winter, we recommend trying to be back at the aqueduct for 9 a.m. this means an early start but will allow you to miss the tourist buses which tend to collect their passengers from their hotels after breakfast.

Prices for food and drink are notoriously expensive in the captive market of Sa Calobra. Better prices and food can be found at the small café at the aqueduct - who appreciate being paid in small bills or change as they are a long way from the bank! There is also a small café under the 270 degree hairpin near the top which has decent cakes and coffee.

climb it as part of this route

Length: 9.5km

Av. gradient: 7%

Start height: 3m

Finish height: 682m

Metres gained: 679m