Mallorca's most popular climbs

Cycling in mallorca Coll d'Honor

Coll d'Honor from Orient

This is the easier way to climb the Coll d'Honor and is on the way out of the Orient Vally, down into Bunyola. As you are already at around 400m high, the ascent to the summit at 550m is not much further but involves some enjoyable hairpins and views back over the Orient valley.

Mallorca cycling climbing Coll d'Orient

Coll d'Orient from Alaró

From the town of Alaró you climb up and between the twin peaks of the impressive Puig's - Puig d’Alaro and the Puig de s’Alcadena and descend into the town of Orient.

Coll de Femenia

Coll de Femenia

Main entry point into the eastern Tramuntana. Another scenic climb, this one starts approximately 10km down a partly shady road out of old town Pollença.