Sa Calobra

Climbs & Routes

All of Mallorca’s main cycling climbs are located in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range and the island wouldn’t be such an amazing cycling destination without it.

Cycling is excellent in the Tramunatana mountains due to the the hills being challenging but not too steep, the road surfaces being mostly excellent and traffic being generally sparse outside of the peak summer holiday season. Above all, the scenery is amazing. Effort is rewarded, and everything is cloaked nicely in the magnificent weather of Mallorca.

The best months to ride in these mountains are when it is cooler, so not the mid summer months of July and August, but if you find yourself here then, riding during the early mornings make it manageable. Just.

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Comparing Mallorca's best climbs

NameLengthAv. gradStartFinishGained
Col dels Reis from Sa Calobra 9.5 km 7% 3m 682m 679m
Col dels Reis from the aqueduct 2.5 km 6% 573m 682m 109m
Coll d'Honor from Bunyola 5.4 km 5.9% 200m 550m 350m
Coll d'Honor from Orient 2.9 km 5.5% 410m 550m 140m
Coll d'Orient from Alaró 5.2 km 5.1% 240m 498m 258m
Coll de Femenia 7.6 km 6% 110m 515m 405m
Coll de Sa Batalla 7.9 km 5.9% 166m 584m 418m
Coll de Sa Creueta from Formentor 3.4 km 5.1% 7m 230m 223m
Coll de Sa Creueta from Port Pollenca 3.7 km 5% 7m 230m 223m
Coll de Soller from Soller 7.4 km 6% 70m 497m 490m
Coll de Soller from the South 5 km 5% 240m 497m 257m
La Victoria 1.4 km 9% 3m 135m 133m
Port des Canonge 4.6 km 7% 4m 320m 316m
Port Valldemossa 5 km 7% 2m 355m 353m
Puig Major from Lluc 5 km 5.2% 615m 848m 233m
Puig Major from Sóller 14 km 6.2% 20m 848m 828m
Talaia d'Albercutx from Formentor 5.8 km 6% 7m 347m 340m
Talaia d'Albertux from Port Pollenca 5.9 km 6% 5m 347m 342m