Mallorca Cycling Paradise

stating the obvious?

Mallorca Cycling Paradise

Make no mistake, Mallorca is a road cyclists paradise.

Will you join me in having a go creating the perfect cycling destination? What do we need as ingredients to achieve this cycling nirvana? Breathtaking beauty, fantastic road surfaces with sparse traffic and courteous drivers. A mountain range with climbs of a consistent gradient, properly categorized from 4th all the way to the top rated HC,  that vary in length between 1 and 15 kilometers. Added some flat and undulating roads through farmland, vineyards and coastal areas for variety.

Of course we need good weather. Really good weather. Throw in a wide range of accommodation for all budgets; a huge array of restaurants with fresh; tasty; wholesome locally grown produce; plus a support network for cyclists consisting of bike shops; bike rental; massages; organized tours; airport transfers etc etc. 

Oh, and lets have it all on an island close to Europe within easy flying distance serviced my numerous budget airlines to keep the prices low and the choices wide. Some amazing beaches and other attractions from an interesting history dating back hundreds and hundreds of years for the non-cyclists who may want to come along also will help..

Would it be too cheeky to also have the top professional riders training on the same roads with their teams each spring? To be able to wave and have a quick word as they fly past?

Maybe our dream cycling destination could also have one of the top cycling routes in the world? One that is newly resurfaced and follows the coastal cliffs to a lighthouse? Maybe also one of the top 10 climbs in the world that is on most cyclist’s bucket list would be a good addition?

Finally it should be within the Eurozone so that any medical needs are well covered and prices are reasonable and consistent.

There we have it, a place to go to get your annual cycling fix away from your normal routes, your inconsistent weather, and poorly maintained roads.

The above place already exists, it is called Mallorca by its locals and Majorca by the British. The UNESCO world heritage Serra de Tramuntana mountains are the lumpy bit providing the world class climbs and sweeping descents.

Come for the warm Mediterranean climate and the world renowned climbs. Come back because of the varied terrain, beautiful routes on amazing well maintained roads, varied delicious food and the excellent infrastructure.

Its not only the pro’s that come here to train!

Take your time at the bottom of Sa Calobra before climbing 10km back up the snaking road from sea level before stopping under the arches of the aqueduct with a fresh squeezed orange juice - from local oranges of course. Continue on up to the highest peak of Puig Major making sure not to miss the eagles riding the thermals. Through the tunnel at the top and down an exhilarating 14km into the beautiful village of Soller for a tasty and well earned lunch.

How about climbing to the top of Talaia d’Albertux to watch the sun rise out of the sea? Maybe returning later in the day to watch the sunset behind the mountains and the full moon rise out of the sea behind you at the same time? Want to cycle through vast fields of almond blossom in spring? Easy. Vineyards? With tasting?

Feel the need to get rid of a few cobwebs? Climb the Coll de Sa Batalla, eat a slice of maybe the world’s best almond cake at the top (you can see the trees the almonds came from) with your excellent coffee before flying down the Col de Femenia as fast as your courage and skill allows you - taking care not to get distracted by the Swedish ski team doing their warm weather training.

A nice swim to rid those muscle of a little stiffness? The warm and calm Mediterranean laps the shoreline whilst awaiting your presence.

Feel like a few drinks or a little dancing to make even more of your holiday? Award winning cocktails or locally brewed beers? Next to the sea?

Base yourself in the North for a more authentic mallorcan experience or in the South where more English and German is spoken than Spanish. Your choice. Just book to come this year. Book now!