Is there a better Almond cake than this?

Sa Tafona, combination restaurant and olive oil farm

Is there a better Almond cake than this?

It used to be that my favorite almond cake was found at the café at the top of Coll de Sa Batalla. A welcome treat and additional energy for pressing on deeper into the mountains or speeding home down the F1 grade surface of Coll de Femenia.

Not any more.

We always stop at the top of Coll de Sa Batalla. Always. But not yesterday. Yesterday we stopped at the bottom, before rather than after the climb.

Strangely enough there was a brand new taxi with brand new advertising next to where we parked the bikes. The advertising you ask? For the Coll de Sa Batalla café at the top of the climb.. the taxi driver was at the table next to us, enjoying a coffee in the sun. Not just us supporting the competition then!

Coffees all round with three slices of almond cake and one spiced apple. One bite, and years of allegiance meant nothing. Now, I will always be stopping at the bottom. Coffee and almond cake. Continue to stop at the top if you want, knowing it is not quite as good as the one you are going past. There will be more for me!

Sa Tafona is the place, a combination of a restaurant and an olive oil farm, on the outskirts of Caimari - on the left after dropping down from Selva towards Coll de Sa Batalla or on the right as you leave Caimari with Coll de Sa Batalla conquered.

Don't take my word for it, do the right thing, the only thing a serious almond cake lover can do. Try one slice before and another after the climb. Continue on deeper into the mountains with a spring in your legs and a sense of a job well done whilst pondering the relative merits of both offerings.

Have I mentioned the bakery in Deía yet? Maybe not. I will have to go and refresh my memory this weekend (just for you).

If you have read this far and want somewhere that serves great pa amb oli, Sa Tafona will serve you generous fresh portions with their own olive oil, arguably the best on the island. For me, for now, I will be returning for the cake.

German spiced apple cake you say? Still at the café at the top for that.

Found on this route and on this climb and this route and also this route

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