Climbing in Palma - The Military Climb aka the Coll de sa Creu.

Traffic free tranquility. In Palma!

Climbing in Palma - The Military Climb aka the Coll de sa Creu.

The Military Climb, or the Coll de sa Creu to give it it’s proper name, is a 5.5km climb that goes over a ridge just a few kms North West of Palma.

The name comes from the fact that there is a big military base at the start of the climb, but it could equally be called the Golf Climb as you have the famous Son Vida golf course to your right too!

Officially only 5%, but don’t be fooled, as most of the climbing is at more than 7%; the average is brought down by a couple of short downhill sections. The climb soon starts to wind through trees with plenty of 180’ hairpins and you can see where the MTB crew come flying straight down a trail, presumably jumping the road on occasion…..

The surface is divine! Once known for it’s bumps, the whole col has been treated to a luscious thick of coat of the best tarmac going and is now super smooth. This has clearly been done for the benefit of cyclists as hardly any cars ever use the road at all; it is off the tourist trail, so the legions of buses and hire cars that can blight climbs like Sa Calobra simply do not exist here. In fact, the only sounds I heard going up where birdsong and heavy breathing…(me, not the birds!). It’s hard to believe that such traffic free tranquility is to be found so close to a vibrant, small city.

The descent is short and winding, 2.4km at 5%, with great views over towards Calvia. The surface is so good you can really refine your cornering technique and push much harder than usual. Visibility through the bends is excellent.

Once at the bottom you can choose to descend into Calvia or go East and pick up the road to Puigpunyent.

Or, as it’s really that good, why not turn around and do the whole thing again, but in reverse!

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