A segment for the "better" riders

aka indirectly drinking from a goat's bladder

A segment for the

One of my favourite sections of road in Mallorca is between the ma-10 from the garage / Coll de Sa Batalla restaurant and to the aqueduct below Puig Major / Coll dels Reis.

Built not for cars, motorbikes or the lean amongst us, but for those with skills! Ride this section fast and its a rush.

Starting with a decent little climb to digest the almond cake, the road then becomes undulating but mainly downhill with a lot of technical corners that take some concentration in order to keep the speed up. This is where you will show the experience and panache that will astound your club mates and prove once and for all that you could have (if you had wanted to, really wanted to and did not mind the feel of needles) had the pro teams taking notice of you back in the day - if only you did not now have that family to support...

8.5 km long, this section is the place for the slower (heavier?) climbers to show some of their technical skills and to not only catch, but blast past those ahead that have pulled away from you on the climb up Coll de Femenia or Coll de Sa Batalla only because they are good at keeping their hands by their sides when the bread basket is on the table (Froome's words not mine).

By the time you reach the viewing point with the 3 cars jammed "into" the single car parking space, things are hotting up. The turns on the winding road and the tight corners are getting closer together, your wheels are humming and the pack is left behind you as you enter the final climb up towards the aqueduct with a momentum that makes you (in your mind) impossible to catch.

There is ample opportunity (as the pack is so far behind) to fill your bottles with water - its gently filtered down through the mountain and then sieved through the kidneys of some thoroughbred mountain goats for you - electrolytes probably already added. Tasty though, and useful during the cooler months when everything is closed in the mountains (thanks to the budget airlines - Ryan and Easy you know who you are.. - then my friend at the fresh squeezed orange stall would be there in January and I would not have the choice of dying of thirst or drinking indirectly from a goat's bladder to stay hydrated.

The Strava leaderboard for this segment is shown below, and you really do need to make more of an effort to move up the rankings. I see that youngster is still quite embarrassingly far ahead of you. It would be understandable on a climb I suppose, but this section is about skills and cunning..

want to carry on from here? Puig Major? want to carry on from here? Sa Calobra?

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