A rescue and recovery service for Mallorca

For that time when things go wrong go wrong go wrong..

A rescue and recovery service for Mallorca

The BiciRescue.me rescue and recovery service caters for all cycling visitors to Mallorca, whether it is the the experienced visitor who does not want to spoil a whole day’s cycling with a breakdown, to the person on a first visit to our lovely island who is a little daunted about exploring a little further afield, and also to the considerate cyclist in a group who does not want to disrupt a portion of the day for everyone.

We have made the prices as low as possible, for example €20 for a week’s cover in order to help as many cyclists as possible.

Why we started the BiciRescue.me rescue and recovery service
  • 1. We love cycling in Mallorca and want to do everything we can to make the experience as brilliant as it can be for everyone who comes here. A visitors time is limited and our rescue and recovery service will get those who break down back on the road or back to their place of accommodation as quickly as possible.
  • 2. With Mallorca being one of the world's premier cycling destinations BiciRescue.me is adding to the already excellent cycling specific services and may just help sway additional people to come here because of the added peace of mind that they will not have a day ruined by a mechanical breakdown.
  • 3. It is difficult to get a taxi here in Mallorca when you break down away from the urban areas - if you can get past the language barrier, you then have the complicated zoning laws governing which taxi can collect and drop off in which area; then the question of whether a taxi will come out for a random person on the side of the road; then how long will you have to wait; will the bike fit in the taxi; does the taxi driver want your bike in his taxi; the price etc etc
  • 4. We run the Mallorca Cycle Shuttle which opens up new routes by taking cyclists from one location and drops them in another to cycle back, e.g. bus leaves from Port Pollenca and drops cyclists and their bikes in Andratx. Occasionally we have needed to return and help one of our cyclists who had suffered a mechanical breakdown.
  • 5. I had a medical issue on a climb and put off calling an ambulance as I was stupidly more worried that they would leave my expensive bike on the side of the road and chose to ride home when I really should not have. From my experience amongst cyclists I know I am not alone in thinking like this!
  • 6. The final push I need to make BiciRescue.me happen came from a converstion with Brent and Helen from BikeCamp who outlined the benefits for Mallorca and added their support.

We look forward to being of service (or rather we look forward to offering you peace of mind and hope you never need to use our services!) but if you do, we are here.

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