Your best 3 days in Mallorca

Here is how to make the most of your limited time. No waiting around and no filler miles. The routes chosen ensure you get to squeeze in the maximum.

All routes include brilliant scenery, great surfaces and no fluff. Expect a fair amount of climbing followed by exhilarating descents. Tired legs and amazing memories are loaded with you gratis onto the return flight.

Day 1 - Arrival day.

We tend to do this popular leg loosener as it is the perfect choice. Brilliant route. Depending on how early the flight gets in and how ready the legs are, the choice is to either ride just to 1. Cap Formentor and back, or to include 2. Talaia d'Albercutx for a little more climbing and great scenery or to do 3. the complete Bay of Pollenca route.

Day 2 - Mallorca's Queen Stage.

Is this the best cycle route in the world? Well it is certainly the best in Mallorca. If I was given only one more ride ever, this would be it. Take one of the scheduled bike buses to Andratx from Port Pollenca or Alcudia and then ride back on a return route of between 115km and 135km across the spine of the world heritage Serra de Tramuntana. Your cycling soul will thank you forever for this. None of the routes are easy, but all are worthwhile. Very worthwhile.

Day 3

Time for the world famous Sa Calobra. May take a while for the legs to get loose after day 2's exertions but this route starts on the flat to get things moving.

Local Knowledge

  1. Best Bike Rental. To save you bringing your own bike, there are many excellent local choices now available. Here is the definitive user recommended best Mallorca bike hire choices selection to ensure you make an informed choice.
  2. Bike Rescue Service. When bike or body break down Mallorca Bicycle Rescue take you back to your accommodation or to the nearest bike shop, your choice. In Mallorca the complicated taxi zoning makes it difficult to just call a taxi. €10 for 3 days.
  3. Mallorca's best private airport transfers, no waiting no fuss, door to door. They are there awaiting even if you are delayed.
  4. If you wish to ride Sa Calobra with fresh legs, take the Sa Calobra Express from Port Pollenca to the aqueduct then ride back to where you are staying. Bus Out. Bike Back.