A segment for the "better" riders

aka indirectly drinking from a goat's bladder

Mallorcan goat

One of my favourite sections of road in Mallorca is between the ma-10 from the garage / Coll de Sa Batalla restaurant and to the aqueduct below Puig Major / Coll dels Reis.

Built not for cars, motorbikes or the lean amongst us, but for those with skills! Ride this section fast and its a rush.

Routes for my friends

when you live in a nice place its strange how many friends you have with the urge to come and stay!

Routes for my friends

Living here in Mallorca we seemed to have "friends" wanting to stay with us all the time. It is amazing how many people found the urge to have to just have to come and see us. Just had to.

Now it really is just real friends that keep coming. If they are cyclists, then we have a few routes that always get done. Let me share two with you.

Port Valldemossa climb versus Sa Calobra

Does the pretender have a shot at the champions crown?

Cycling in Mallorca, Port Valldemossa

Yes, its shorter, yes it is a little out of the way, yes it has the same 7% gradient and packs a dizzying amount into its 5 snaking kilometres.

Which are the best months to cycle in Mallorca?

with over 300 days of sunlight per year..

Which are the best months to cycle in Mallorca?

Based on a combined knowledge of 30 odd years of cycling in Mallorca (between 3 of us, we are not that old!) and using the following 4 criteria as measures:

1. the weather (heat, cold, rain, wind and bright blue Mediterranean sky)
2. available services - what is open (accommodation, restaurants, support services including bike rental etc)
3. demand on services that are open (roads, rental, restaurants, accommodation and buses on the mountain passes etc)
4. the cost of being here - including flights

We have created the following chart based on our experience of living and cycling here. As usual if you choose to follow any of our advice, on your own (maybe sunburnt!) head be it :-)

Is Port Pollenca really still the best cycling base in Mallorca?

closer to everything that matters..

Cycling in Mallorca, Port Soller

A regular for many years with cyclists from Britain, Port Pollenca is an excellent place to base yourself for cycling in Mallorca and indeed for accessing the Tramuntana, but I would like to explore Port Sóller as an alternative.

Mallorca Cycling Paradise

stating the obvious?

Mallorca Cycling Paradise

Will you join me in having a go creating the perfect cycling destination? What do we need as ingredients to achieve this cycling nirvana?